About Us
Since its inception, Anchal Charitable Trust works in the areas of health and education targeting people from economically depressed segments of the society. We are dedicated to uplift the children, families and communities by tackling the root cause of injustice and poverty. We serve all, regardless of religion, ethnicity, race or gender.
How We Work
At Anchal we believe there are a few things that make our organization different. Our perspective on the needs of children, the love they desire, and our focus on grassroots interventions offer a unique approach by tackling the root cause of injustice and poverty throughout our areas in which we work.
Where we work
Anchal serve at-risk children in slums and resettlements of Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal. Many of these children are suffering from disability, HIV/AIDS and are victims of child labour, sex trafficking and malnutrition, disaster. Each of our projects around the targeted areas seek to holistically care for children in their unique situation.